As Downton Abbey's Finale Airs in the U.K., Here's a Spoiler-Free Season Preview

Downton Abbey
Photo: Nick Briggs/PBS

British fans of Downton Abbey are going through withdrawal today after the show's last regular episode aired in the U.K. last night. Without giving too much away, here are some treats to look forward to in the final season:

• The story comes full circle with the primary focus back to where it was in Season 1, on Mary and Edith's love lives and the conflict between the two sisters. Will Edith finally stand up to her older sister and call Mary out on her cutting putdowns? Stay tuned.

• As both the sisters are now going on dates with beaus, they are spending more time in London nightclubs—fabulous party frocks alert!

• Mary assumes a more hands-on role in running the estate, providing Michelle Dockery with the opportunity to wear numerous smartly tailored tweed outfits. Her bob stays as gleaming and geometrical as ever.

• Below stairs, more than one staff member gets on the ladder to upward mobility while others, somewhat tortured in previous seasons, find serenity. One spirals downward but learns a valuable life lesson, so it's not all bad.

• After a spiky truce, hostilities between the Dowager Countess and Cousin Isobel resume (over the administration of the local hospital, of all things).

• A new arrival at the house makes everyone go gooey-eyed.

• Not one but two weddings take place!

At the end of the final episode there were still some loose ends—including a couple of a romantic nature—left hanging, but presumably series creator Julian Fellowes is saving their resolutions for the Christmas special (which airs in the U.K. Dec. 25) as a parting gift to the audience.

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