5 Burning Downton Abbey Questions That Will Be Answered in the Final Season (No Spoilers Here!)

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Get ready for a huge dose of upstairs-downstairs drama. This Sunday the final season of Downton Abbey premieres on PBS and it doesn’t disappoint.

The first episode begins in 1925, a post-war era that finds the Crawley clan at a crossroads with their aristocratic and now seemingly outdated way of life. “Butlers, under butlers, footmen, ladies’ maids—who lives as we used to now?,” Lord Grantham says to Carson. “Nor you or I can hold back time.” And it’s that theme of change and moving forward that continues throughout the last nine episodes of the beloved British series, touching every character from the biting Lady Mary to sweet Mr. Molesley.

Without giving away any spoilers, here’s a sneak peek at some of the burning questions that this season will finally answer for all of you Downton devotees.

Will Tom and Lady Mary get together?
Ever since Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil passed away, fans have been wondering if in-laws Tom and Mary would couple up. At the end of season five, Tom moved to Boston to start a new life with his daughter Sybbie, squashing the possibility of a connection. Now, it seems the two have grieved the loss of their spouses and are ready to move on. But the question remains—will they move on with each other? That alone will keep you guessing until the second to last episode.

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Will Mr. Bates and Anna ever be happy?
The many troubles of Bates and Anna took up the bulk of last season, and it was starting to look like they would never catch a break. Good news: You’ll finally see the couple smile again. Midway through the season, something pivotal happens that allows the two to finally put the murder investigation behind them and start making plans for the future. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” Bates tells Anna.

Will Carson and Mrs. Hughes actually get married?
Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of last season was the blossoming romance between butler extraordinaire Carson and head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes. After Carson’s aww-inducing proposal, we find the couple learning to balance their newfound love with the demands of managing the busy estate. But will they make it to the altar? You’ll find out a few episodes in.

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Will Thomas stop scheming?
Thomas Barrow has always been one of the most deliciously evil characters at Downton, but you will see a different side of him this season. Keep your eyes peeled for a surprising plot twist as he struggles with some of the changes hitting the servants' quarters.

Will Lady Edith’s luck in love ever turn around?
“Sometimes I feel as if I’ve only been given one little bit of happiness and that’s it," says Edith. And who could blame her? After the love of her life, Michael Gregson, died, she was left to raise their daughter Marigold partially in secret (some family members still think she is a foster child). While there still will be some heartbreak for Edith this season, she will grow tremendously both personally and professionally as the editor of a women’s magazine.

Some other things to look forward to before the big finale? A health scare involving a pivotal character, a fan favorite returning, another tragic car crash, and not one, but two Downton weddings.

Watch the season six premiere of Downton Abbey at 9 p.m. on PBS. See the trailer for the season below.

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