Download This! Ziploop App Will Get Rid of All Your Wallet Clutter

Ziploop App
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Shopping is generally an enjoyable experience, but it does have its downsides: Tracking old receipts, expiration dates, and return policies—not to mention the myriad of rewards, coupons, and promotions that inundate our inbox on the regular—can be a pain in the you-know-what.

Enter Ziploop. The mobile shopping start-up, which launched in December, takes all of your unwanted, but still very much needed, wallet clutter (like paper punch cards, coupons, gift certificates, etc.) and stores them in a cloud that can be accessed from all of your devices. What’s more, it also acts as a digital organizer for all of your emailed receipts and rewards, clearing your inbox of those pesky promotional emails. Peter Jackson, who was a seed investor in online ticketing service Eventbrite, decided to build the app after noticing how many women (and his wife in particular) tote around bulging, behemoth-sized wallets, yet can never manage to find that receipt or that rewards card when it’s needed. “I couldn’t understand why every woman I met had a rubber band around her wallet and it was oozing with stuff,” Jackson tells “I asked myself, ‘Why aren’t these retailers sending these digitally?’”

The way Ziploop works is simple: It's split into four categories—trends, favorites, receipts, and rewards—which all work to organize and digitize the contents of your wallet. When you sign up, Ziploop gives you a unique email address that you can then dispenseto retailers, so they won’t bombard your personal account with pesky emails. The trends tab displays new arrivals, sales, and special offers gathered from your Ziploop email into one Facebook-like mini feed. The favorites category allows you to keep track of special offers at only your most frequented stores. Perhaps the handiest feature is the receipts function, which enables you to organize all of your purchases by keyword, store, date, location, or tag by simply snapping a pic of your receipt with your phone. Similarly, the rewards tool lets you store your rewards, coupons, and promotions by taking a photo of your rewards cards, and you can even opt to receive push notifications before each expires so you never miss a deal.

Not only is Ziploop somewhat of a wallet genie (the name is a hybrid of the word "zipper"—like the one on your wallet—and "loop"), but it’s also a burgeoning environmentalist: By forcing retailers to email their receipts rather than print them, Ziploop is a harbinger of the paper-free shopping movement. Later this month, Jackson also plans to introduce a weekly digest of a user’s returns, reward expirations, and recent activity—sent via email. “Expenses are changing with technology,” Jackson says. “We had to get everyone used to managing everything from a phone.”

The Ziploop app is free and available for download in the iTunes app store or on Google Play.

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