Download This! Relive Your Summer Vacation via Photos with Ivy Gallery

Although fall hasn't officially started, New York Fashion Week and the recent chilly temps are a surefire sign that our days of poolside lounging and BBQ-ing are over. But just because our weekends are no longer rife with outdoor activity doesn't mean we can't hopelessly scroll through our Camera Rolls, reminisce, and wish it weren't so. Enter Ivy Gallery. The handy app accomplishes the formidable goal of cataloging your summer's worth of digital photos (and even more than that, if you desire) by culling images from the myriad places you store them—Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, your iPhone's Camera Roll, etc.—and organizing them into an easy-to-navigate timeline, categorized by event, and arranged in an artsy-looking collage.

Using the app is simple: Once you open it and grant it permission to access your Camera Roll, your photos magically auto-populate, and you simply hit "New Event" to create an album centered around whatever it is you want. You can then click on the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen to share your specific event with friends—any invited guest can view the event, but if the guest-in-question is also registered with Ivy Gallery, then they can contribute their own photos and comments (i.e. if you create an album of your friend's wedding, and invite other guests to see it, they could then add the photos they took, making for one epic album). The drop-down menu on the left side of the screen features a calendar where you can view all of your events chronologically.

What's more, Ivy Gallery is accessible on- and offline, so you can commence your cyber reminiscing wherever you are, sans WiFi signal interruptions. Summer nostalgia starts now.

Download Ivy Gallery for free from the iTunes app store or on Google Play.

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