Dove Tackles Cyberbullying In #SpeakBeautiful Campaign

Photo: Getty Images

With one-liners that challenge those of even the most-cutting fashion critics, remarks from the Twittersphere can sometimes be less-than-beneficial to a person's self-esteem, and not even celebrities are immune from its wrath. Last night during the Oscars, Dove set out to change all of that with their latest #SpeakBeautiful campaign. Known for feel-good advertisements that make a serious impact long after the clips have ended, the brand teamed up with Twitter to spread positive messages during what they considered a prime time for women to put themselves and others down. Dove encouraged viewers to spread supportive and encouraging messages tagged with the #SpeakBeautiful hashtag in an attempt to rid cyberbullying from the platform, and recognize the impact made by words spoken online. Every time a negative tweet was posted, the technology developed by Twitter and Dove would cancel out the post, and reply with constructive advice from the brand's self-esteem experts. Besides, if we only have 140 characters or less to start a trending topic, the message should at least be an empowering one! Check out Dove’s ad below, and be inspired to join in and spread the domino effect of positivity. [embed]

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