By Sarah Walter
Feb 22, 2015 @ 10:40 am
sherryhearthair/Instagram, HBO (3)

Four seasons of HBO’s Girls have spanned the good, the bad, and the ugly moments in that life-altering transition from college to the real world. As the girls have adapted (or at least gave a good attempt) to adult responsibilities---jobs, relationships, living situations included---even seemingly frivolous details, like their hair, have followed suit.

Shoshanna’s donut bun hasn’t yet made an appearance this season, yet the girls’ four very distinctive personalities and hair accessorizing proclivities have remained intact. Sherry Heart, Scunci Expert and Hair Designer for Girls has groomed the girls (and boys) since the show’s debut, offering her a place in pop culture, and endless hairstyling (and Pinterest) inspiration for us. Here’s her take on the show’s ever-evolving hair, the key product for Marnie’s perfectly tousled beach waves, and her favorite look---it may surprise you!

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) is in a more professional frame of mind this season. How has that changed your approach to styling her hair?Shoshanna is taking a big new step in her life, getting into the workforce. She's presenting a whole new image to the world, as if she’s trying to say, "Hey, I'm ready for a career.” For her hair, I went in the direction of "vintage-influenced" wavy bob. It keeps with the upgraded, professional style she is sporting this season without loosing too much of the Shoshanna quirkiness that we have all come to love.

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Marnie (Allison Williams) has been rocking some serious beach waves this season. In an Instagram, you revealed that you use a sea salt spray. Which brand do you prefer?I love Sachajaun Ocean Mist spray ($28; It's light and doesn't weigh hair down as the day goes on. Allison's hair loves it and I get some good waves out of it.

This season, Hannah (Lena Dunham) moved to Iowa to attend grad school, which took some major adjusting on her part. How did her hair reflect those big life changes?I think Hannah has always had a no-nonsense approach to her hair. So, when she headed off to school and started getting more serious about her writing, I decided to keep it simple with just a bob and bangs. I thought this style looked cute on her, but also stayed simple for her school mode.


Shoshanna’s donut bun was parodied on SNL. What’s it like to see a hairstyle you created become part of pop culture?Oh my gosh, that was fantastic! SNL parodied Shoshanna's donut and Jessa's braid. I was laughing so hard! What a compliment! Any time my team and I put out a hairdo that goes viral, I'm really proud! How great was that? As they say, parody is the best form of flattery.

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Where do you find all those cute hair accessories, like the barrettes you use on Shoshanna and Hannah?Over the years, I have used many different kinds and many different brands of hair accessories. But the one I keep coming back to, and have used for years, is Scunci Hair Accessories. I think for durability and practicality Scunci is the best. You will see quite a few of their barrettes and other products sprinkled around on the characters this season. Shoshanna is constantly wearing some sort of barrette in her hair for both function and “pop.”

How can we get Jessa’s (Jemima Kirke's) signature messy top knot?To get Jessa’s signature top-knot, it's all about twisting and pinning. First, bend over and gather your hair right on top of your head and twist. Come back up and twist your hair down in a spiral, wrapping the hair around itself. Tuck the end in and pin along the bottom until it's secure. The messier the better for this hairdo. Of course, Jemima's thick mane of hair makes it really easy to have a substantial top-knot but, any one with long hair can create this style.


What’s been a favorite look from the past four seasons?In season two, I created a crimped look on Jessa that had three different styles all in one day. It's the episode when Jessa goes out to dinner to meet her then-husband’s parents. Her hair was half up and half down in a faux Gibson with a couple of chopsticks thrown in. I like to refer to that hairdo as an 80's-Gibson Samurai. Her hair is always my fave to do - just because she's got so much of it! She can really carry off any style.

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