Sharon Clott Kanter
Nov 14, 2014 @ 1:01 pm

Andy Cohen’s dog Wacha is a superstar. The beagle-foxhound mix has shot to fame since the Bravo host rescued him: He has over 90,000 Instagram followers on @therealwacha, he’s cartoon-ized on the cover of his owner’s new book, The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year ($26;, and to top it off, this week the little guy took home his first honor ever, the InStyle Social Media Award for Most Stylish Pet.

When we told Cohen of his pup’s win over the phone earlier this week, he giddily accepted the award on his doggie’s behalf. “He is so cute, I love him so much and he’s brought so much to my life,” Cohen told us. “He’s opened my heart, so on behalf of Wacha, I thank you.”

Cohen wanted this win. Badly. He told us that while writing the book, he didn’t know if he should get fixated on the voting, but “then I was like screw it, I’m going to vote as many times as I can!” He even wrote about campaigning for Wacha on page 316:

"Wacha went after a fly that was buzzing around and at it out of the air. Impressive! He's a hunter. The day will come when he kills a big water bug for me. I know it. Oh, I found out today that he's nominated for InStyle magazine's "Super Stylish Pet" award, but he's losing to Zooey Deschanel's dogs Zelda and Dot. I am upset on his behalf. I want him to win but should I publicly solicit for votes?"

A few pages later:

"I solicited for votes for Wacha on Twitter for the stupid InStyle award and now he's beating Zooey Deschanel's dogs. Meanwhile he is perfectly content running around trying to eat flies out of the air, so why am I bothering? Oh, and he has 65k Instagram followers."

And Wacha is taking his newfound fame one paw at a time. “He gets recognized on the street before I do a lot of days,” Cohen said. “People will look at him and say ‘Is that Wacha?’ And then they’ll look up at me and be like, ‘That is Wacha!’"

"But he’s doing great," Cohen added for all of Wacha's fans in the world. "And no, he's not getting too big for his britches."

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