By InStyle Staff
Updated Jan 16, 2013 @ 1:30 pm
Bob D'amico/ABC; Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 star Krysten Ritter calls herself a "fashion head," and she takes that passion to the set when she's playing her character Chloe, a New York City girl who always causes trouble for her small-town roommate, June (Dreama Walker). "A lot of the staple pieces Chloe wears are mine," Ritter told at Dior Beauty's dinner celebrating Hollywood glamour. "She wears a handcuff necklace in every episode that is my personal necklace. It’s become my character’s staple piece and now I can’t wear it in real life because it’s tainted!" The fashion crossover came to be because Ritter works very closely with the show's costume designer, Leah Katznelson. "She and I are pretty much best friends at this point," Ritter told "Two heads are better than one. I have a really clear vision of what I think my character should look like, so we just have a ball in picking stuff out together. She’s amazing and it’s the most fun I’ve had fashion-wise!”

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— Kwala Mandel