Did Donald Trump Endorse a Third Political Party?

A Twitter typo turned into a viral RuPaul tribute.

With one errant keystroke, President Donald Trump created a fierce firestorm and maybe a third political party. According to People, Trump posted a tweet encouraging the "Rupbulicans" to rally together and snuff out the impeachment inquiry and any accusations of him colluding with Ukraine. Naturally, the legion of RuPaul's Drag Race fans didn't let the typo go down without shining a spotlight on it. They took off with the idea of the Rupublicans, with some going as far as saying that it's exactly what this country needs right now.

"Rupublicans [sic], go with Substance and close it out!" Trump wrote.

RuPaul embraced the moment, posting an image of himself with a raised fist on Capitol Hill. Maybe this really is what the country needs right now. Attend any RuPaul's Drag Race screening and you'll see just how much power Ru weilds.

Twitter flooded with similar sentiments, so if this was a real thing, there's no doubt the Electoral College and popular vote would finally be on the same page.

On Twitter user told their followers that they were switching allegiances, writing, "Sorry @TheDemocrats, I’m now a #RuPublican!"

"@RuPaul taking over the Republican Party. #RUpublican" a fan tweeted.

Another wrote, "Sashay away from the @GOP and join the dragulous #RuPublican Partay!"

"Registering as a #RuPublican!" season 8 Drag Race competitor Derrick Barry wrote.

People adds that RuPaul is no stranger to political action. Before the 2018 elections, he encouraged voters to get out and be heard. In a NowThis News video, he spoke about how important it was for everyone to take action.

"In my lifetime, I don't remember it ever being this dark or this divided," he said. "I have to believe, every day I wake up, it is moving forward."

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