By Jonathan Borge
Updated May 30, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Can we expect President Donald Trump to look any better in his bright red golfing shorts by 2018’s end? That’s unlikely, but POTUS is apparently taking (baby) steps to try and look leaner.

According to CNN, Trump, who’s been known for ordering a 2,530-calorie meal at McDonald’s, has been trying to shed 10 to 15 pounds since January, altering what he puts into his mouth (not so much what spews out of it), and working closely with his White House physician to figure out what’s best for a 70-year-old man who probably wasn’t repulsed after watching Super Size Me. Perhaps this is his way of keeping things fresh with Melania? By the way, she’s still at the White House, despite speculation that she's gone M.I.A.

President Trump Hosts White House Sports And Fitness Day
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

This all came to light on Wednesday when he teamed up with his daughter Ivanka to stress the importance of physical fitness at a White House event, encouraging America’s youth to play sports. As CNN outlines, Trump’s goal of shedding some of his 239 pounds (as of January) came after a nudge from the two ladies in his life: Ivanka and Melania. Ironically, Trump doesn’t seem to be following the “calories in, calories out” method to weight loss. In fact, it turns out he doesn’t really believe in the “calories out” part—aka breaking a sweat.

“Some people exercise, some people don’t,” White House doctor Ronny Jackson told reporters in January. “Some people just haven’t done that as part of their routine. And I would say that’s the category he falls in right now.”

Trump, expectedly, thinks he's going just fine. “I get exercise. I mean, I walk, I this, I that,” he previously told Reuters. “I run over to a building next door. I get more exercise than people think.”

But for real. How, exactly, is he hoping to see that number drop on the scale without hopping on the treadmill? So far, the president has…

  • Hired a nutritionist.
  • Renovated the gym next to the Lincoln Bedroom (no word on how often he goes).
  • Created an aerobic exercise schedule that is "healthy" and doesn’t hurt his joints.
  • Replaced steak, which is usually covered in ketchup, with Dover sole, usually covered in brown butter and capers.
  • Attempted to eat more vegetables, though we’re not sure how many or which kind.
  • Eaten cheeseburgers after a round of golf...but is removing ONE half of the bun.

Progress? Sounds like baloney. For an expert opinion, we turned to Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, registered dietitian and in-house nutrition expert at Betches Media, to find out just how effective his diet it. According to her, the steak-and-ketchup combination has got to go. "By adding ketchup to steak, you are not only increasing your risk for coronary artery disease due to the high saturated fat and sodium content of meat, but you are sending your insulin levels into overdrive from the high fructose corn syrup ingredient of ketchup which can result in diabetes," she told us. Replacing steak with fish is smart, though he should reconsider the brown butter.

Beckerman adds that indeed, removing the top half of a burger bun is wise when it comes to calories, sugar, and carbs, but the best bet is eliminating the bread altogether and instead going for a lettuce wrap. If Trump's struggling with the vegetable aspect, she recommends adding spinach, onions, and peppers to an omelette, or kicking off meals with a salad. The best he could do? Remove the burgers and mashed potatoes altogether.

"Trump is a candidate for metabolic syndrome, a condition that increases the chances of stroke, diabetes and heart disease and he needs to make some serious lifestyle changes in order to remain in office," she says, also suggesting that he walk more often to rely less on a golf cart.

"Walking an 18 hole golf course can burn about 800 calories, which can lead to weight loss," she added. "As a 72-year-old clinically obese man whose metabolism is running slow, he needs all the physical activity he can get to shed some pounds."