It’s been a busy week, huh? In one corner, Twitter is ablaze about an alleged tape of President Donald Trump using the N— word. In the other, Kylie Jenner is flaunting her wealth (nearly $1 billion!), discussing the teeny-tiny Hermès Birkin she plans to gift her baby girl. So we wouldn’t blame you if you happened to miss something else that defines the times we’re living in: Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet names.

Who ever would have imagined that the romance of a First Son and a former Fox News correspondent could enthrall us? But this is 2018. Page Six reports that “spies” overheard the new couple exchanging lovey nicknames while partying in the Hamptons.

So what do they call each other? Guilfoyle reportedly uses “Junior Mint” to refer to her man, a term that the outlet speculates could allude to the large, overflowing bank account he and his father love to boast about. Weird. Even better, Mr. Jr. calls her a name that’s a serious throwback to Warner Huntington III's nickname for Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: Pooh Bear.

In honor of this revelation, we’ve turned to the pair’s respective Instagram accounts to bring you a delightful mix of things you never knew you wanted to know about their romance.

They Enjoy Museums

Like Beyoncé and Jay-Z (but also not at all like Beyoncé and Jay-Z), these two like to hit up globally renowned institutions of art and culture like Paris’s Louvre Museum. Do you think she paused, turned to him, and whispered, “I can’t believe we made it.” If so, we’d imagine he’d say, “This is what we came for.”

They Like to Go Fishing

Like, a Lot

Who Never Forgets Their Bass Pro Shop-Like Baseball Caps? Junior Mint and Pooh Bear!

Their Dates Include Movie Screenings

And The Bachelor-Style Helicopter Rides

People Think They Rely on FaceTune Often

Just Saying

A Favorite Destination? Why the White House, Of Course

Another One? The Middle of No Where

He May Forget His Name, But She’s Got a Flag Handy to Serve as a Reminder

And Finally, They Love Bret Michaels