If the last couple of weeks have left you feeling hopeless, enraged or considering an imminent move to Canada, you’re not alone. It feels like we’re a Supreme Court justice away from living in some version of The Handmaid’s Tale, and all we really have to hold onto is each other, and also life’s small gifts — i.e. this video you’re about to see.

The universe provided the ultimate form of comic relief on Friday when President Donald Trump was videotaped proudly ascending the steps of Air Force One with what appears to be a couple squares of toilet paper (or maybe a napkin) attached to his shoe.

No one told him; no one stopped him, and that, my friends, is a pre-Columbus Day miracle.

Obviously, the Internet graciously accepted this bounty, pointing out that Trump would spare no mockery had such a slapstick fate befallen one of his opponents.

Blessed be the tweets.