Milford at the Hollywood Zoo - Lead
Credit: COURTESY OF Penguin Young Readers

Renowned fashion illustrator and certified insider Donald Robertson has one heck of an imagination. In fact, his ideas (and beloved Instagram account) are so colorful that the talent is gearing up to release Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo, a cheeky, hilarious follow-up to his popular picture book first, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo.

So what’s the deal with Mitford? The story’s lead character is, funnily enough, a sky-high giraffe that heads to major fashion and A-list events to cover the red carpet, mingle with celebrities, and get the scoop for the magazine he contributes to, Cover. And as if that weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, the cast of characters Mitford himself interacts with are all based on IRL household names like Meryl Sheep (Meryl Streep), Brad Pittbull (Brad Pitt), Angelina Collie (Angelina Jolie), Bee Yonsay (Beyoncé), and Ryan Seahorse (Ryan Seacrest).

Together, this new ensemble joins Mitford at the “Academy Zoowards” for the red carpet. Sounds like one good time, right? For Robertson, whose first Mitford-centered book is based in New York City, a family move to California inspired this second version, making it “a touch autobiographical.” “Kim Gieske [Robertston's wife], who wrote the first book, has her hands full with our 2-year-old twins, so I turned to my oldest daughter, Drue, to help me with the story line,” he tells InStyle.

“Start playing celebrity-animal-puns with your kids, people. It’s a blast!” he adds. “We had enough characters for two books.” To boot, Robertson’s “buddy” and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie recorded the audiobook version of Mitford at the Zoo, so Robertson hopes she’ll return for another too-fun round.

Milford at the Hollywood Zoo - Embed
Credit: COURTESY OF Penguin Young Readers

See an interior spread from the book above—and shop for Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo, available for pre-order now ($18;