Is Dolly Parton gearing up to run for office? Not exactly, but she is leaving her mark on Capitol Hill.

Fun fact: The country icon has been working to better the education of children across the globe since 1995, when she founded her Imagination Library. The organization works to give students in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia free books from the time they’re born until they go to school, regardless of their family income.

By 2003, the organization mailed its millionth book, which is pretty damn commendable.

Now, the 72-year-old is taking her efforts to the government. On Tuesday, Parton visited the Library of Congress (aka the world’s largest library, and the main hub of research for the U.S. congress) in Washington, D.C. to donate her 100 millionth book and announce a new six-month partnership.

The libraries will team up between March and August to host “story time” once a month inside the Thomas Jefferson Building’s Great Hall for free via the Young Readers Center. Additional details are available here, and if you’re not in D.C., they’ll be streaming the events on the Library’s Facebook page.

Dolly Parton Embed
Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty Images

At the presentation Tuesday, Parton of course put her most fabulous self forward and shared some words. “I always like to say that 100 million books have led to 100 million stories,” she said. “I am so honored that our little program is now grown to such a point that we can partner with the Library of Congress to bring even more stories to children across the country.”

Previously, Parton has said that her passion for educating others stemmed from her family’s upbringing. “My daddy couldn’t read and write, but daddy was so smart. He could just do numbers in his head. But my daddy then after he was grown, he couldn’t read or write; he thought that it was just too hard to do,” she told CNBC in 2016.

"When I decided what I was going to do for a great charity, then I thought well I'm gonna do this: to get books in the hands of children, because if you can learn to read, if you can read, you can self-educate yourself."

#Dolly2020? You never know.