The movie and the TV show.


Like an all-powerful angel of goodness, Dolly Parton touches all that is good and great, whether we know it or not. Over the weekend, fans found a connection between the country superstar and cultural icon and one of the most beloved franchises of all time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It turns out that Parton's company, Sandollar Productions, actually produced both the 1992 film and follow-up '90s and '00s TV series. Entertainment Weekly reports that it all stemmed from a single tweet and blossomed into a deep dive that draws a direct line from Parton to Buffy.

Dolly Parton Time Talks Feminism
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Parton co-founded Sandollar Productions in 1986 with her former manager, Sandy Gallin. After the OG Buffy movie didn't make waves at theaters, Sandollar executive Gail Berman pushed to bring the stake-wielding teenage slayer to TV — and it all worked out, though it wasn't until 1997 that Sarah Michelle Gellar would take the mantle of Buffy Summers and bring the whole world a show about girl power and falling in love with vampires long before Twilight.

Twitter erupted with waves of support when the news broke, with fans applauding Parton for giving them Buffy. With the show's stars being a staple on the Con circuit and the show available to stream on Hulu, it's no stretch to say fans are still loving it, even though the series finale aired in 2003.

EW notes that Parton's name doesn't appear anywhere in the credits, though Berman and Gallin's do — and they also appear as producers for the Buffy spin-off, Angel. An Easter egg that fans of both Parton and Buffy can revel in is the very specific date of January 19. It happens to be Parton's real-life birthday and Buffy Summer's, too. The magazine also adds that Parton championed girl power behind the scenes, too.

In an interview with the New York Times, Berman said that when Parton found out that she was getting less money for the show's royalties than her male counterparts, the singer personally handed her a check to rectify the pay disparity. That just proves that even though she wasn't on the show, Parton can slay with the best of them.