By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Dec 11, 2014 @ 4:42 pm
Credit: Courtesy

When two of our favorite things in the world, like music and fashion, collide, the results are sometimes too good to be true. So is the case with Ragdoll Los Angeles's newest collaboration. The southern California-based clothing company has teamed up with DJ Nikki Pennie, aka the She J, and stylist Kris Zero on a too-cool shirt that you'll want to snap up immediately.

"Kris Zero is one of my closest friends and a fab stylist and she just styled my new music video," Pennie tells InStyle. "A few different people were asking if I had any of my own t-shirts they could buy at gigs and we just thought that would be such a fun collaboration as Kris and I have been working together a lot over the past year on my DJ looks." The result is a vintage-looking black tee that reads, "Last Night a She J Saved My Life."

"Ragdoll LA is an amazing company and I have been wearing their tees for the past year non stop so that was an obvious choice! It happened very organically and we took the time to get the design perfect before we released it yesterday," Pennie adds. Head over to now to get yours ($69), and make sure to check out Pennie's newest music video, "Last Night a She J Saved My Life," when it drops on YouTube next Monday!