DIY Dress
Credit: Time Inc. Digital Studio

InStyle designer (and part-time blogger) Jenni Radosevich knows an easy way to give your casual dress a little edge. In this month’s January issue (page 38), she shows you how to add an exposed zipper to your dress in two easy steps.

What You’ll Need:Sweater dress, zipper trim, and waterproof glue.

How-To:1. Measure down the center of the dress's back to determine length of zipper trim required. Allow for two inches of trim above neck and below hemline.2. Pin trim to dress to ensure zipper is straight. Working in 2-inch increments, remove pins, apply glue to dress, and attach trim. Hold in place for five seconds to secure. Fold loose ends into dress and attach with glue. Let dry for 24 hours. (Hand-wash only!)