Dita Von Teese
Credit: Flynetpictures; Splash News

Dita Von Teese showed up to theMOCA Annual Gala in Los Angeles on Friday in an haute couture gown by Jean Paul Gaultier—the same look she wore three days earlier for the opening of the designer’s exhibit in Dallas. Why twice in one week? “When a dress costs as much as a Mercedes, you want to wear it more than once,” she told at the L.A. event. “This is my favorite dress in the world. I’ve worn it about four times. This actually belongs to me.” And she’s eager to let you know you can do the same with your formal looks, too. “I don’t agree that you can only wear things once,” she explained. “I think when you have something you really love, there should be nothing that stops you from enjoying it!” Tell us: Do you agree?

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— Reporting by Kwala Mandel