CINDERELLA, 1950, (c)Walt Disney/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.
Credit: Walt Disney/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Why should Princesses get all the attention? Princes need a little love too, especially charming ones, and Disney is reportedly taking up that cause for their next project.

The company has a live-action comedy centered on Cinderella's main squeeze Prince Charming in the works, according to Variety, and the story will be told not by Charming but by a brother who never quite lived up to the superlative.

This is the latest in a slew of live-action updates of classic animated films Disney is working on for the next few years. After seeing major box office and critical success with Maleficent and Cinderella, retellings of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and The Jungle Book are all in play.

Although the Disney princesses have always stolen the show, the princes themselves are memorable as well. However, what's known about their backstories is limited. Think of Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid or Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty or the unnamed prince from Snow White: Why would a man chase a woman who left half of a great pair of heels at a ball? Or try to awaken a girl who is very obviously getting the best sleep of her life? A feature film could be the perfect venue for Disney to address these questions.

In last year's Into the Woods Chris Pine played a comical real-life version of Cinderella's prince so it's easy to envision the new film working in a similar vein (we also wouldn't mind seeing Pine as a prince again!).