By Susannah Cahn
Nov 19, 2012 @ 4:01 pm
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After getting his first Polaroid at the age of 19, Argentine fashion and celebrity photographer Diego Uchitel (top left) was instantly hooked. So, quite fittingly, he’s paying homage to the classic format with an aptly titled new book, Diego Uchitel: Polaroids, which showcases a curated collection—spanning over 25 years—of the oft-raw and candid relics. We caught up with Uchitel to find out what inspired him to compile the tome. “The mosaic of Polaroids on the wall [20 by 80 feet] in my studio that took shape over many years was so powerful that it begged to be preserved!” Uchitel told And despite his affinity for the old, Diego still embraces the new: “I love Instagram for what it is. The immediate gratification and ability to stylize any shot and share it straight away. It can make a trash dump look cool. I do however still believe in the craft of photography and setting up the perfect shot,” Uchitel said. And sometimes that perfect shot isn’t captured on a professional camera. Diego admits he shoots pictures on his phone all the time. “I rarely pick up a camera at home. I nearly got kicked out of the delivery room trying to snap photos of my son’s birth on my iPhone!” When asked if he has a favorite image from the book, Uchitel diplomatically told us, “That is like picking a favorite child! They all mean a lot to me due to the memories attached to each one.” Snap up a copy now to see all of his favorite “children”—SJP to David Bowie—in Diego Uchitel: Polaroids ($50, Damiani).

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