A case for the FBI.

By Tessa Petak
Jan 06, 2021 @ 8:32 am

The Weeknd is at it again with hidden messages. 

This week, the musician had the internet buzzing over his new music video for 'Save Your Tears." Fans are convinced that he cast a look-alike of Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend.

"How is no one talking about how the girl looks so much like Selena G," one YouTube user pointed out, "Like this song is about her if you actually listen and the video confirms it."

Another agreed, taking it a step further noting the similarities in her fashion and accessories commenting, "The girl in the clip looks a lot like Selena. Especially, her earrings and hair are the same as in Selena's 'Dance Again' video"

The model featured has curly hair and long dangly earrings, and is the only one without a masquerade mask in the video. Even the Weeknd looks unrecognizable with facial prosthetics. 

Fans were also quick to point out lyric parallels between "Save your Tears" and Gomez's "Crowded Room."

"'Baby, it's just me and you/Just us two/Even in a crowded room.'" Then, the user added The Weekend's lyrics, "I saw you dancing' in a crowded room."

More users swore that at minute 2:03, he whispers "Selena" as he dances over to the model and grabs her hand. Fans of the couple are still holding out hope for a reunion. One user even commented, "IS THIS ABOUT SELENA GOMEZ DOES SHE WANT HIM BACK?"

This isn't the first time fans have noticed hidden references to the couple's relationship. He released the music video to "Snowchild" on Gomez's birthday in July 2020 and fans think the lyrics of "Souvenir" on the deluxe version of her "Rare" album are a nod to The Weeknd.

Neither have commented on their relationship outside of their music, however. The two dated back in 2017 before splitting in October reportedly due to distance.