Did Taylor Swift and Her Cat Meredith Just Have a $40 Million Fallout?

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Taylor Swift and her cat are experiencing major tension right now. One of her beloved cats, Meredith Gray, scratched her leg and, long story short, the cat owes her $40 million.

That isn't the case in reality, of course, but Swift played into a joke that her gorgeous gams are worth that much by documenting the damage with Instagram photos. "Great work Meredith. I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars," she wrote in the picture's caption:

The $40 million is a reference to a recent tabloid report that claimed Swift insured her legs for that amount. Swift never confirmed the rumor, but she does clearly love promoting her chic cat lady image as she continued the joke by writing "me-OW" on the bandage for her very expensive injury:

But when Swift isn't spending time with her cats and putting her legs at risk, she is often hanging out with her best gal pals—which she also did this weekend. On Saturday she headed down to Fairfax, Va., for good friend and upcoming tour mate Este Haim's 29th birthday. She shared a video on Instagram of herself and the Haim sisters having a ton of fun singing along to Faith Hill's "This Kiss" in the car complete with a gatorade bottle as a microphone.

She captioned the pic with, "Happy Birthday, Este!! Ever since you, Alana, and Danielle adopted me into your wolf pack, life has never been the same. @haimtheband," And, of course, who do you think retweeted the pic? Faith Hill! "Sing it, girlfriends!" she wrote. That should make the leg stop hurting fast!

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