By Olivia Bahou
Updated Apr 30, 2017 @ 7:00 am
Dianna Agron
Credit: Yearbook Library; Victor Hugo/Patrick McMullan/Getty

Happy birthday, Dianna Agron! The former Glee star turns 31 today, and she has a lot to celebrate. Since wrapping up the sixth season of her hit TV show, Agron’s career has taken a fashionable turn. No longer bound to cheerleader mini skirts and high ponytails, the star took on a new role: directing a Parisian short film for designer Tory Burch’s fall collection.

The actress has starred in front of the camera as well, appearing in this year's The Crash and Novitiate, and starring in the upcoming thriller Headlock. While we miss her as Glee’s fierce head cheerleader, we’re excited to see these grown-up roles from the now 31-year-old star. In fact, she recently told InStyle, “Nothing I’ve done since my time on Glee has been the same.”

And in 2016, Agron took on her most important role yet: wife. The actress married Mumford and Sons' Winston Marshall in a stunning Valentino wedding gown.

In honor of her special day, check out the actress’s stand-out beauty moments through the years, from her high school portrait to star-studded red carpets.