Diane von Furstenberg to Colbert: "Once I Empowered Myself, I Empowered Others"

Diane von Furstenberg on Stephen Colbert
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Diane von Furstenberg changed lives when she introduced the world to her iconic wrap dress, but now the legendary fashion designer is giving us something else equally fabulous: pearls of wisdom about the power of confidence.

The designer stopped by The Colbert Report on Tuesday night to promote her new reality show House of DVF and her new book The Woman I Wanted to Be, as well as fire some amazing zingers at Stephen Colbert. (Her first statement to the host during her interview? "I thought you were going to wear a wrap dress today!")

DVF, as she's known around the world and even in her own family, explained the title of her book and that "the woman you want to be is many different women at different times." She continued that she became the woman she wanted to be around the age of 27 and that by going into fashion, "I had come up with something that would make other women the woman they want to be. I became confident while I was making other women confident." She later added, "I became independent on my own with one little dress. Once I empowered myself, I empowered others."

Her motto of helping women "look sexy and feel empowered" is a reminder of what a trailblazer she is, not only in fashion, but as a feminist. When Colbert asked her what she would make for women to wear to work everyday, her answer was simple but powerful: "Confidence."

Watch the entire enlightening, hilarious, and inspiring conversation with the one and only DVF here:

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