By Anna Hecht
Updated Dec 31, 2015 @ 6:45 am
Diane Von Furstenberg
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Fashion designer and InStyle's monthly "Ask a Designer" columnist Diane von Furstenberg, has taught us a lot over the years when it comes to fashion, style, and sophisticated living. Today, she turns 69, and is still dishing out the same classic advice to women that she always has. Whether you are interested in freshening up your wardrobe or simply need advice on how to shop smart online, von Furstenberg has thought of it all. Ahead, von Furstenberg's 10 best pieces of advice from her monthly InStyle column. Happy birthday, Diane!

1. When Gifting Clothing, Go with a Sweater
"Sweaters are the easiest because they are meant to be roomy and cozy, so the fit does not have to be exact." —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Dec. 2015

2. When Shopping Online, Keep This in Mind
"Return policies. Sizing and material can vary from site to site, so never buy anything that cannot be returned. And, if I'm purchasing something that I haven't already seen for myself, I buy only from dealers I know and trust from having worked with them before." —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Nov. 2015

3. When Making Old Clothes Feel New Again
"Add jewelry! It's the punctuation of your look. One great piece, like an open-hinged cuff, can refresh your entire ensemble."—von Furstenberg for InStyle, Oct. 2015

4. When to Splurge
"Invest in something timeless, such as a structured tote or a beautiful minaudière. Stay away from trends and be true to yourself." —on Furstenberg for InStyle, Oct. 2015

5. The Item Every Woman Should Own
"A dress that is sophisticated but still hugs your body in a way that makes you feel attractive, like the Seduction wrap dress from my fall collection ($598;" —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Oct. 2015

6. When Trying to Stylishly Up Your Sex Appeal
"There is nothing sexier than sheer French dot tights to flaunt the legs. Wear them with heels." ($58; —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Sept. 2015

7. How to Dress a Bigger Bust
"A shirtdress will work well since it gives you the room you need at the top, and you can add a belt to highlight your natural waist. Don't forget to select a shoe with a high heel to make your legs appear long." —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Aug. 2015

8. How to Seduce Without Showing It All
"A bodysuit is perfect under a wrap dress—or anything low-cut—if you don't want to show too much cleavage." ($320; —von Furstenberg for InStyle, Aug. 2015

9. When Your Workplace Is Freezing
"Carry a silk scarf. Something with a bold color or print will make a statement, and you can throw it over your shoulders if you get cold. Plus, you can fold a light scarf into a small square that fits in your purse." —von Furstenberg for InStyle, July. 2015

10. Drum Roll Please... DVF's Favorite Party Shoes
"Wedges are an effortless way to have some height and still be comfortable. I also find Christian Louboutin pumps easy to wear for long stretches." —von Furstenberg for InStyle, July. 2015