The impossibly stylish actress, who can be seen in the upcoming film Welcome to Marwen (out Christmas), has strong feelings about makeup — and she’s more than happy to share them. Here she reveals the inspiration behind her colorful beauty looks, and the products that fill her home beauty closet.

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Diane Kruger
Credit: Tom Allen/Sister Productions

You have such a great sense of style. Do your friends ask you for fashion and beauty tips?

I don’t know if people necessarily ask me for advice, but what I’ve learned over the years is what works for me. I don’t feel the need to comply with trends. I like looking at the collections and trying new things, but I’m not going out of my way to try to be in style. I think hair and makeup are easy ways to update any look.

Do you have a “beauty closet” at home?

Very much so. A closet doesn’t quite cut it — ha! I have an embarrassing amount of makeup. It’s everywhere. But if I have to, I can travel with the smallest pouch of everyday stuff. I recently started using the Augustinus Bader cream; somebody recommended it, and I love it. I use the rich version when I go to colder climates. I wear Neutrogena sunscreen even if it rains. Right now I’m obsessed with Marc Jacobs’s [O!mega] Gel Powder shadow in Daddi-O. It’s super-pigmented; you just need the tiniest amount, and it will last all day. I’m also loving Pat McGrath eye pencils and Tom Ford stick foundation, which is nearly invisible, even in daylight.

Diane Kruger
Credit: Courtesy Diane Kruger

You’re known for pulling off cool looks, from purple eye shadow to feathered hair accessories. What inspires your beauty choices?

I love to play with makeup and fashion. I get inspired by other women, movies, magazines. And I’ve discovered a lot of great artists on Instagram, like Nina Park [who has worked with Zoë Kravitz]. It’s fun to check out [a pro’s] page.

Can you do your own makeup for an event?

Yes, though I don’t really have a [go-to] look. Whether I do blue eye shadow or a fun lip, I’ll always adjust it to the dress I’m wearing.

What’s your point of view on beauty today? Is it all about having fun, or is there an element of
self-care involved?

I feel beautiful when I’m taking care of my body as much as my soul. Working out is my time: It’s one hour when no one can reach me and I can gather my thoughts. One of the best, most luxurious things I’ve ever done for myself is buy an elliptical machine and weights for my house. When I make a film, I often request to have that in whatever apartment they rent for me. I’ve also gotten better about saying no — no, I can’t come to dinner because I need to work out and go to bed. Though maybe that’s just called being boring?

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