Watch Diane Keaton Pick Her Favorite Hollywood Hunk in a Game of "Who'd You Rather?" on Ellen

Diane Keaton - Ellen
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Look out, guys: Diane Keaton is on the prowl! The 70-year-old Oscar winner stopped by Ellen DeGeneres's daytime talk show to talk serious business: their upcoming film, Finding Dory, and men.

After announcing that a "sexually frustrated" Keaton was on the lookout for romance, DeGeneres set out to find her a new lover in a game of "Who'd You Rather?"

In the first match, DeGeneres asked the actress to choose between Justin Bieber, 22, and Jared Leto, 44.

"Well here's where I have a problem—I don't like to judge, you know? I'd rather take them both," she told the host. "Now when I look at Justin, I have a special feeling for him," she admitted while the crowd laughed. "That's a nice body, and he's displaying it. ... and his hair, plus the nose. Don't ever overlook a nose. For example, Mr. Leto has a very thin nose. I like a thin nose, but Mr. Bieber," she said, giggling, "has a fatter nose, and I like that too!"

Next, Al Pacino popped up next to Leto to which Keaton replied, "Well, that has a special meaning."

"He was a lover?" asked DeGeneres.

"He once enjoyed being around me," Keaton added coyly. "But only on occasion, not often."

DeGeneres went on to tease the Hollywood icon with six more actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves, Lenny Kravitz, and Zac Efron, all of whom were received with enthusiasm by Keaton—to varying degrees.

When asked about former As Good As It Gets co-star Nicholson, she proceeded with caution. "He loved me in the movie, and I loved him back in the movie," she explains. "In real life he didn't love me."

Find out who Keaton chose in the end, and tune in today to watch the rest of her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show .

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