We Need to Talk About Diane Keaton's Instagram

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At 73, Oscar-winning actress and style icon Diane Keaton has reached living legend status. And though we’re always excited to see what’s next for the star (retirement community cheer squad comedy Poms is sure to be our new obsession), it’s what she’s doing on a different screen that we’re really invested in these days.

Keaton is a wildly underrated force on Instagram. With just 883,000 followers (a meager number by celebrity standards), her social media presence is practically a secret, but let me tell you, Diane’s a much more rewarding follow than any of the influencers du jour.

AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute To Diane Keaton - Arrivals
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If you aren’t following her already, here’s why you should be:


One of Diane’s aesthetic rules of thumb is the caps lock key. She writes every single caption in all caps, which not only amplifies her enthusiasm but makes everything she dictates feel somehow more permanent than were it written in sentence case.

FYI: SHE IS NOT SCREAMING. (It's an aesthetic thing, OK?)

Mirror Selfies for Mirror Selfies’ Sake

As a sartorial tastemaker, Diane often shares a glimpse of “TODAY’S OUTFIT,” but don’t expect her to start adding a “#OOTD” to her posts (editor’s note: can we please all agree that’s a dumb hashtag and be done with it already?) — Diane lives by her own rules.


Diane’s Instagram is basically a subreddit for silly Golden Retrievers.

Unpretentious Art Appreciation

Keaton’s clearly a connoisseur of the fine arts, but she’s not about to write a dissertation on fauvism in the comments section. Diane presents exhibits and pieces she sees but adds an accessibility to her captions that makes the divide between us and someone who wears $500 jeans seem smaller.

She’ll Convince You Clowns Aren’t Scary

Diane loves her clowns — so much so that she actually put together a book of clown paintings from pieces that were already in her collection. Yes, she owns a book’s worth of clown paintings. If Diane feels comfortable leaving a harem of clowns alone in her house, they can’t be that scary, right?

She Will Walk You Through Her Childhood

Between her unexplained forehead anxiety and drawings she created for her father at 6 years old, a perusal of Diane’s feed will help you learn everything you could possibly want to know about Keaton’s childhood (and probably some stuff you weren't really yearning for, too).

The cherry on top? Diane might just help you find your new favorite pair of jeans.

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