The 2018 Olympic figure skating events are in full swing, and while fans have already seen stellar performances (and a whole lot of Moulin Rouge routines), Latvian figure skater Diana Nikitina had a less conventional approach to the competition. The 17-year-old Olympian took the ice on Tuesday night in her own style, and her uniqueness stood out among the crowd, even though she finished in 26th place.

Before she took her first step onto the ice, she made a statement. Instead of a more traditional skating dress, Nikitina wore a bedazzled black jumpsuit and cutoff gloves. Instead of slicking her hair back into the customary bun, she left it hanging loose in a ponytail. And instead of going out sans jewelry, she wore a black necklace that pulled at her neck as she spun.

Diana Nikitina
Credit: XIN LI/Getty Images

Necklaces are a rare sight in Olympic figure skating because they can be distracting to jump and spin in, but Nikitina did not seem bothered as she performed.

And while other skaters opted for classical music (with some exceptions), Nikitina skated to "Soldier of Love," by Sade. The combination of these distinctive qualities made her Olympic debut notable, despite her technical performance.

“I am a strong person, I am not a bit like a princess,” she said. “This look makes the costume a bit mean. Everything is strong in my program and in my life. The outfit is elegant for a girl who is tall."

Her individuality garnered her new fans, even if her placement means that taking home a medal isn't in the cards for her. Some compared her vibe to that of Catwoman, while others simply liked her taste in music.

Being called the Catwoman of figure skating isn't a bad way to kick off your Olympic career.