Diamonds with an Edge: Estelle & Lita for Royal Asscher

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Grammy-winning songstress Estelle has collaborated on a jewelry collection with Lita Asscher of Royal Asscher, and InStyle has your first look! To Estelle, the collection represents the evolution of her own style and taste. It embodies where the singer is now, living in New York City as a “classier, more elegant” version of herself, she told InStyle. Featuring floating diamonds, sapphires, and mixed metals, the line puts a unique spin on fine jewelry. Royal Asscher has long been a red-carpet favorite for the singer (she wore them at the Grammys this year), so the collaboration was a natural fit. “I’m an accessory freak,” she stated. However, jewelry in particular is what she's most passionate about, and the songstress prefers pieces that can be mixed and still make sense without becoming overwhelming. “I’m a big fan of layering,” she said, but “I don’t just stack to stack.” With cohesiveness in mind, they centered the collection around geometric shapes – triangles, squares, and circles – but made them fresh by adding unexpected details like floating diamonds and oxidized metal. Estelle’s favorite piece, the eye-shaped pendant (pictured above), which features a spinning globe filled with diamonds for the pupil. Her jewelry motto? “Look at yourself in the mirror before you walk out, and the one thing that’s piling up that looks crazy, take it off.” The collection will be available on next month.

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