Where to Detox in New Orleans Because—Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Detox
Photo: Michelle Belfield/Rosalie Apothecary

If you're hitting the streets of NOLA this week with your colorful beads and masks in tow—lucky you! And if you're already standing on Bourbon Street with a drink in hand and a belly full of beignets, you'll likely need a Mardi Gras detox plan, stat. Here, five places to recover from sun exposure, late nights, binge eating, and cocktail sipping in the Big Easy.

Rosalie Apothecary
3201 Toulouse Street, 504-488-4425

Whether you're suffering from muscle fatigue, exhaustion, or a hangover, Rosalie Apothecary (pictured above) has the fix for you. With over 150 herbs and roots, the shop offers a bevy of customizable tea blends, tinctures, adaptogen herbs, and more. Swap your morning coffee for a Carob Café ($7), an herbal coffee alternative with roasted dandelion and chicory roots, which the apothecary founder Christiane Wurmstedt says are beneficial for liver health. "It's been a long-standing tradition in New Orleans to put chicory in coffee," she says.

The Woodhouse Day Spa
4030 Canal Street, 504-482-6652

If you can count the number of hours you've slept on one hand, head here to catch some Z's. The cozy spa offers a range of 50-80-minute sleep treatments that encourage guests to fall into a deep slumber while getting massaged and lulled by sleep-inducing herbs. Try the Deep Sleep Massage ($135 for 80 minutes), which includes a blend of massage techniques, aromatherapy, and a tea ceremony for one relaxing experience.

Earth Savers
5501 Magazine Street, 504-899-8555

Pressed for time before your post-festivities flight back home? Squeeze a visit to Earth Savers into your trip. The shop offers a variety of products that can help soothe common after-party skin concerns like under-eye puffiness and discoloration, dryness, a dull complexion, and more. Toss a jar of Dermaware Bagless Eye Gel ($47, earthsaversonline.com) into your carry-on, then dab a bit under your eyes before your flight and your eyes will look brighter by the time you land. If you've got some time to kill, the beauty boutique also offers invigorating spa services. Go for the Respiration Massage ($75 for 50 minutes) for a do-all treatment. The detoxifying service includes a scalp massage, reflexology, and a back massage, stimulating the lung area to help clear any congestion.

Embodyment Salon & Spa
3701 Magazine Street, 504-891-4440

At Embodyment Salon & Spa, treat yourself to a powerful mask that thoroughly draws breakout-causing impurities out of your skin, like the Mineral Mud Body Mask ($130 for 50 minutes). Mud is known for its detoxifying properties, and the application of hydrating lotion will replenish the moisture in your skin—you know, just in case those countless rounds of hurricanes have your skin feeling dehydrated.

Hové Parfumeur, Ltd.
434 Chartres Street, 504-525-7827

Indulge in a sensory escape at this little luxe perfumery. Full of feminine fragrances, candles, bath soaps, and more, Hové Parfumeur is the perfect place to collect some goodies for a tranquil bath back at your hotel room. Pick up a bottle of Bubble Bath with Aloe ($12) and a Hand Poured Soy Candle ($28), to unwind at your leisure.

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