By Jennifer Davis
Apr 03, 2014 @ 5:45 pm
Mark Levine/ABC

There was some serious mother-daughter drama on last night’s episode of Nashville. Not only did Rayna (Connie Britton) have to confront the question of her daughter Maddie's (Lennon Stella) paternity on national TV, but Scarlett (Clare Bowen) had to deal with her issues with her mother, too.

In true Scarlett fashion she chose to confront her problems with her mother by singing the song she wrote about their complex relationship. "For the scene we chose a Raquel Allegra dress," says costume designer Susie DeSanto. "When she wrote the song with Liam she was wearing red, and it was the song that got to the heart of the matter, so we use that color whenever she sings that song." DeSanto was quick to point out that the red reflects her mood, as well. "Instead of feeling fragile, she was feeling strong."

Similarly, DeSanto chose to outfit Rayna in an ensemble that reflected her feelings about her complicated situation with Deacon and her ex-husband Teddy for her appearance on Good Morning America. "She looked earnest, honest, and authentic to herself," DeSanto says of the casual yet sophisticated look, which consisted of a Haute Hippe dress, skinny jeans, and Jimmy Choo boots.

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