By Andrea Cheng
May 28, 2014 @ 1:03 pm
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The U.S. has the CFDA Fashion Awards and the U.K. has the British Fashion Awards. For France, the equivalent is the ANDAM Award. Founded in 1989 by Nathalie Dufour, ANDAM (the National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts) arms itself with the goal to "develop strategic and transversal actions in favor of young designers and Paris influence." In other words, the organization actively scouts talent, fosters creativity, and offers support through mentorship opportunities and financial assistance.

President Pierre Bergé says ANDAM works to "identify emerging talents in contemporary fashion design and offer them through its award, the means to product a runway show during Paris Fashion Week, and to establish and develop their label in France over time, thus perpetuating the dynamism of the Parisian fashion scene."

This year, with the support from 13 private partners (which include the likes of LVMH, MAC Cosmetics, and Saint Laurent), ANDAM will grant two accolades: the $342,000 ANDAM Fashion Award and the $103,000 ANDAM First Collections Prize. Winners will be judged by a 25-member panel on July 3.

In the meantime, get to know the 10 finalists who will shape the fashion scene to come. Commit their names to memory—we're sure we won't be seeing the last of 'em.

ANDAM Fashion Award finalists:Etudes StudioRad HouraniFausto Puglisi (above, left)Jean-Paul Lespagnard (above, right)Steven TaiIris Van HerpenYiQing Yin (below, left)

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ANDAM First Collections Prize finalists:Coperni (above, right)GauchereMonographie

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