Ulyana Sergeenko
Credit: Getty Images

While Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is a celebratory time of gorgeous, high-fashion designs, designer Ulyana Sergeenko is facing backlash after she sent a blogger a note using a racial slur.

For some reason, the Russian designer thought it would be fitting to pen a note to fashion blogger Miroslava Duma that read, "To my n—s in Paris,” referencing Jay-Z and Kanye West s song “N—s in Paris.”

Duma brought the note to the public's attention when she shared a photo of it on her Instagram Story and tagged Sergeenko.

Once people in the fashion industry and beyond caught wind of the note in Duma’s Insta Story, they lost it. “This better not be real,” Naomi Campbell wrote in her Insta Story over a photo of the note and tagged Sergeenko.

Following the criticism, Sergeenko hit Instagram to apologize and try to explain, saying she woke up to several hateful messages. Her apology didn’t help the situation though, and she later deleted the post.

In her apology, Sergeenko said she wrote the note because, “Kanye West is one of my favorite musicians and NP is one of my most favorite songs. And yes, we call each other the N word sometimes when we want to believe that we are just as cool as these guys who sing it."

“I am deeply sorry to anyone I offended. Mira is a dear friend and even the fact that she so naively posted my private card to her on her social means that we meant nothing wrong and didn’t realised the consequences,” she continued. “I have certainly learned my lesson and am grateful for it. There is enough anger in the world out here, please, can we stop it here?” Hopefully, this will stop her use of the N word as well.

Duma later chimed in, posting her own apology on Instagram that read, “I sincerely apologize for my regrettable Instagram story that went out. The phrase referenced is from Kanye West and Jay-Z song by the same title. The word is utterly offensive and I regret promoting it and am very sorry.”