For Designer Jeremy Scott, the Bigger the Foodie Phone Case, the Better!

Summer iPhone Cases
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Slimming down for swimsuit season? Skimp on the sweets and try indulging your guilty pleasures with this summer’s most nom-worthy iPhone cases. You can find designs shaped like popsicles, chocolate bars, hot dogs—even candy wrappers.

“Fast food is iconic and nostalgic at the same time,” says designer Jeremy Scott (above, left), who prompted the foodie phone trend when he debuted his now trademark French fry case in Moschino’s fall collection, emblazoned with two golden arches (a clever riff on the McDonald's logo and packaging). For the warm-weather season, the Italian brand opted for a cool and refreshing ice-cream pop ($85; with googly eyes and a cute squiggly smile (above, right).

Taking a cue from Scott, Forever 21 also jumped on the faux edible phone bandwagon: The fast-fashion retailer rolled out a chocolate bar case with 16 bites of rubber candy pieces that hug the back of your cell ($8; Opting for savory over sweet, ASOS followed suit and introduced an easy-to-slip-on rubber sleeve that's skillfully molded into the shape of a hot dog—complete with two hefty squirts of ketchup and mustard ($23; For the perfect topper, Marc by Marc Jacobs created a 3D polycarbonate case ($38; with a foil finish that mimics a junk food wrapper—minus that pesky crinkling noise.

Whichever munchie route you choose, Scott recommends supersizing your accessory for an extra-savory statement. “Bigger is always better," Scott says. "You have to have something to hold on to!” We’ll have one of each, please.

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