Designer Focus: Victoria Beckham on Her Latest Line and How a Woman Can Find Her Signature Style

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For our November issue, Hal Rubenstein sat down with Victoria Beckham to discuss the detail that goes into her eponymous clothing line. Below are a few extras, and to read the full interview, pick up the November issue of InStyle, now available on newsstands and for download to tablets.

Sensing that she would be facing a skeptical audience, Victoria Beckham chose to begin her career as a true fashion designer in 2008 by “starting small. No big backers. No hype. But also no compromise,” she says. That resolve led to a clothing line that radiated refinement, restraint, and relevance—all of the things her celebrity fan base, and the rest of us, adores. The former pop singer has built on that success with sleek bags and sunglasses and a critically acclaimed spring 2014 show. We checked in with the world's most famous soccer mom about what's sleek and sexy now.

What are the three most important elements you think about when designing your women's line?A good-quality fabric is key to making clothes that will fit and last. Color has to be right to get you noticed. And the proper seaming details can help sculpt your body and give the illusion of sleekness. Our signature dresses seem quite simple, but that's deceptive: The stretch jersey glides over the body as it hides all the lumps and bumps and holds in the right parts of the body.

You openly adore bags and sunglasses. What is it about both that makes you swoon, and which shapes and sizes do you favor for yourself?I love bags. And yes, the bags are doing so well. What I am so proud of is the quality. Everything is made in Italy and no one can match what they do. I don’t agree with over-branding, so for me, what makes them distinctive is their easy sophistication and the colors, which I find energizing. My favorite may be the Liberty bag. It’s a large tote that you can fit lots in and it comes in really cool colors.

My favorite glasses are the small aviators. I have them in forest green, which is a surprisingly flattering color on the face, and I wear them all the time.

You developed your signature style quite quickly once you were on your own. How does a woman discover and develop a wardrobe that works best for her?At the beginning, you should try everything. Good, bad, awful. As you get older you start getting a good idea of what suits you. Trust your gut, not a stylist or a rule maker. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman out in clothes that she obviously thinks she should wear. Her discomfort is what you see first. And like I said before, look at yourself from every possible angle before you leave the house.

When you were a little girl alone in your room, did you dream of becoming a pop star or a clothing designer?It was always my dream to be in fashion, but I do love to perform. All little girls should have a hobby, and I was lucky enough to have my parents allow me to take acting, singing and dancing lessons. Of course I sang in front of the mirror into my hairbrush. But everybody did that. Didn’t you? Be honest!

Do you still ever sing at home or at parties?David and I sing and dance at home with the kids all the time. In L.A., I used to love the XM R&B station called The Groove. I sing to it all the time. And Harper has fallen in love with the Spice Girls video “Viva Forever” because the video is full of little fairies. She loves to watch it every time we are out so I’m sure anyone passing us by must think I’m the most narcissistic mother in the world, but I swear she’s watching because of the fairies. Really!

For the full story, pick up the November issue, available for download to tablet and on newsstands now.

Plus, check out Victoria's latest line from New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 in the gallery below.

--Hal Rubenstein

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