Designer Duds to Discard? is Your New Dropoff

Photo: Courtesy of Styleta

You know that saying "one person's trash is another person's treasure"? Whenever I hear it, I think of my closet—and how hard it is to get rid of once-beloved purchasesthat, while no longer worn, still seem too good to purge. So what should you do with valuable designer clothes you no longer wear when you know another fashionista somewhere would appreciate them? Check out, a not-for-profit organization that sells donated designer clothes to benefit charity. The new site was launched by Harvard senior Yifan Zhang after she won a grant from her school. "I started [the site] after realizing that successful women did not have a place to donate their designer clothing," she told us. "There have been so many rewarding experiences, but my favorite was when we wrote our first donation check to the homeless shelter in Harvard Square. It was such an affirmation of Styleta's impact." Follow Yifan (pictured on the right with designer Camilla Staerk) and her feel-good fashion adventure on her official blog, and learn how to donate—and shop!—at

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