By Kelsey Glein
Updated Mar 29, 2014 @ 9:55 am
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Ever dream of that perfect pair of sunglasses but have yet to find them? Talk about making dreams come true: Ray-Ban Remix now allows you to purchase personally-designed sunglasses. With nine available models to choose from-- all the brand's iconic styles are available, including the sleek Aviator, classic Wayfarer and trendy Erika-- sunglass enthusiasts can customize the colors, frames and lenses. There's also no chance of a shades mix-up. You can even engrave up to four phrases on your pair of shades.

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With a few clicks and a little inspiration, your custom pair of sunglasses is at your fingertips. Opt for bright orange or metallic silver lenses for a unique look. Color-block a pair of sunnies in pastel pink, minty turquoise or dove gray for the perfect springtime accessory of your own design. You can even select a case color!

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Color-block a customized pair of @ray_ban sunnies in pastel pink, minty turquoise, or dove gray for the perfect springtime accessory.

Your custom Ray-Ban creation will ship to you in less than a week, chosen engravings and all. Design your own pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses now, for yourself or a friend, ($130 and up) at