Design a Custom Dress Based on Your "Color Aura" With New Site Piol

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Thanks to artist Anne Dayton, whose famous Minneapolis-based family founded a little store called Target, you can now design the most flattering dress for your frame and coloring in less time that it will take for you to read this.

Dayton's new, highly intuitive site Piol draws on the color theory and style tenets of acclaimed costume designer Edith Head (Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, among other greats) to determine your "color aura" and ideal dress style.

"Head was an expert at making Hollywood stars look their best through color and cut," says Dayton. "That's exactly what I'm trying to do for all women." And she's making it fun, too. Once you establish your aura—by clicking on colors that best match your hair, eyes and skin—a complimentary palette is generated along with corresponding fabric swatches that you then place onto your ideal dress silhouette. Play around till you land on your fave combination and tweak necklines, sleeve and skirt lengths until you are content (or exhausted).

At around $500, it's not inexpensive, but can you really put a price tag on the most perfect dress for you? Plus fabrics are sourced from Italy and Japan and the dresses are all made by hand in NYC (a process that takes about three weeks). You provide your measurements for precise fit (sizes from 0 to 22) and no worries if the finished product isn't what you hoped for—they'll give you a full refund within 14 days and your dress will be donated to a woman in need. So even if it's not perfect for you, it's perfect for someone.

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