As well as plenty of concern about chafing. 

By Sam Reed
Updated Mar 29, 2019 @ 2:45 pm
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What is it about Strange Denim that grinds the internet's gears so?

Though the digital age at one time encouraged the new and the innovative, the jaded generation has quickly learned that that ethos doesn't apply to jeans. (Or anything, really. Such is life.) Remember the fall-out from clear-knee mom jeans?

Now we have Y Project's Denim Panties, $315, which are the current subject of the internet's ridicule. This harmless (and not insignificantly, pantsless) denim contraption is the latest from designer Glenn Martens (who trained under Jean Paul Gaultier, if that provides additional context) who is known for reinventing the classic trouser jeans in sometimes head scratching yet always interesting ways.

You can currently snatch a pair on SSENSE, which describes the cheeky style as mid-rise "denim brief-style shorts." While we — and most people, probably — would hesitate to call them shorts, we'd also stop short of calling them offensive, as a certain faction of the internet has.

After SSENSE posted the style on its Instagram, fans were quick to share their two cents: "Umm no," wrote one follower. "Chafing?" wondered another.

On Twitter, one user posed the following question for the internet: "To what occasion can you actually wear denim panties???"

I would like to humbly offer Coachella as an optimal occasion for denim panty-wearing, but we're sure such style icons like Beyoncé, Rihanna and either Hadid sister would be all for a jaunt to the grocery store in the look.

If the panties are a bit too exposed for your taste, Y Project has a $540 solution in the form of faux denim panties trousers.

Y Project Blue Trousers SSENSE embed

Y Project: Solving your year-round denim panties problems.