We're Kind of Obsessed with the New Denim Hair Color Trend

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Photo: Shurie Saxelby (@shurie on Instagram)

Your favorite pair of jeans has been repurposed as a hair color trend, and we are totally into it. In recent weeks, variations of denim hair have been making rounds all over social media, swapping the super-bold blues and purples associated with the mermaid aesthetic for more of a stone-washed effect. "The denim hair trend is not unlike other bright and fun hair color trends, but it is always in a shade of blue to mimic one of America's favorite things: blue jeans. It's a nod to true Americana," Justin Anderson, celebrity colorist and Pravana guest artist, tells InStyle.

"The difference between denim hair and other creative color trends is that it doesn't have to be super-saturated," he adds. "Like denim, it can look a little faded and washed out." That's great news for those of us who don't have the time to constantly refresh our color, and similar to the oil slick hair trend, it's one that looks especially good against darker bases—just keep in mind some heavy lifting will have to be done, as your hue needs to be bleached out before taking on the blue tones.

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Shurie Saxelby (@shurie on Instagram)

Anderson recommends starting slowly, and building up the intensity once you're satisfied with the initial run. "Make sure you tell your stylist that you don't want a super-saturated hue. Bring pictures of the hues you like," he advises. Although the color should be slightly faded, you'll still need to get regular glosses to maintain the finish (unless you're into that acid-washed look), and swap your traditional shampoo and conditioner for a color-saving formula. Not unlike the mythical jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it's a pretty one-size-fits-all trend that works on all hair textures and skin tones, though olive complexions should have their color tailored to fit the natural green hints their skin may have. Besides, with so many creative color trends that end up clashing with certain items of your wardrobe, it's pretty refreshing to find one that goes with literally everything—you know, like that amazing pair from Seven for All Mankind that you just refuse to toss out.

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Shurie Saxelby (@shurie on Instagram)
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