Demi Moore's Steamy New Workout

Photo: Gene Page

Demi Moore's eternally youthful looks are a hot topic in real life, and now she plays a sexy suburban mom who's the envy of the neighborhood housewives in the big screen drama The Joneses. At the film's Hollywood premiere last night, the 47-year-old actress told us she looked hot because she's turned up the temperature on her workout routine. "My husband and I have taken up Bikram yoga," Moore said. "But it wasn't until I filmed a scene in the movie where my character talks about 'hot' yoga that I realized why I've been doing all that sweating!" (Practiced in a room heated to a minimum of 105° Bikram yoga is said to promote the release of toxins from the body while preventing injuries.) And that's not the only fitness lesson she learned on set: To get into character for a power-walk, Moore slipped on a pair of MBT physiological trainers for the first time. “Just in shooting the scene I was feeling it in the legs and the old butt,” Moore said of the shoes (which claim to tone and tighten by engaging all the major muscle groups). “I have to say that I truly do believe they work!”

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