By Christopher Luu
Updated Oct 28, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Demi Moore was honored as Woman of the Year at the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House’s 29th Annual Awards Luncheon. People reports that during her acceptance speech, the actor took some time to speak on her own recovery and offer words of support for anyone going through the same thing.

Friendly House offers women going through recovery and substance abuse a safe, home-like environment where they can work on themselves and receive the help that they need. Moore, who has faced substance abuse issues in the past, explained why the organization means so much to her when she took home her honor.

Demi Moore Peggy Albrecht Friendly House's 29th Annual Awards Luncheon - Arrivals
Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

"I feel like there are defining moments in our lives that shape who we are and the direction we go, and early in my career, I was spiraling down a path of real self-destruction, and no matter what successes I had, I just never felt good enough," Moore said.

In the 1980s, Moore sought treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Then, in 2012, Moore was hospitalized for addiction and an eating disorder. In her speech, she explained that she needed help and organizations such as Friendly House are giving women the change to get the help they need. She added that "being of service" is a big part of her own recovery process and took a moment to thank all the people who helped her through her own journey.

"I had absolutely no value for myself. And this self-destructive path, it very quickly … brought me to a real crisis point," she continued. "And it wasn’t clear at the time the reason — maybe it was divine intervention — but two people who I barely knew stepped up and took a stand for me, and they presented me with an opportunity. Clearly, they saw more of me than I saw of myself. And I’m so grateful because without that opportunity, without their belief in me, I wouldn’t be standing here today"