The 56-year-old's long-anticipated memoir is out later this month. 


She may have been out of the spotlight for a moment, but Demi Moore has been as busy as ever.

The actress is currently working on a serial adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and her long-anticipated memoir, Inside Out, launches on Sept. 24.

As a step along her press tour, Moore, 56, covers Harper’s Bazaar’s October issue, clad in nothing but a giant pink Lynn Pack hat and and chain-link Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet.

Demi Moore

Of course, this is hardly the first time the Striptease star has appeared nude on the cover of a magazine. She famously eschewed clothing while pregnant with daughter Scout Willis on the cover of Vanity Fair in August of 1991, an iconic shoot with a “dismissive” accompanying interview that Moore discussed with Lena Dunham, who profiled her for the Bazaar story.

“Thank goodness people remember the photo, they don’t remember the article,” Moore told Dunham of the 28-year-old cover story, which featured belittling comments like “being Mrs. Bruce Willis couldn’t hurt a girl in Hollywood.”

Dunham and Moore also discussed the actress’s love of dolls. “I’ve always got little faces looking at me,” she told Dunham of her collection, “reminding you not to take your life too seriously and to remember the importance of play.” Rugrats’ Dil Pickles is a staple in her carry-on luggage.

On a more serious note, Moore opened up about her sobriety, which she regained in her 50s after falling off the wagon during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. “I guess I would think of it like this: It was really important to me to have natural childbirth because I didn’t want to miss a moment. And with that I experienced pain,” she explained. “So part of being sober is, I don’t want to miss a moment of life, of that texture, even if that means being in … some pain.”