Demi Moore is Totally Unrecognizable in First Brave New World Trailer

The actress showed off daring new locks in the teaser.

You've never seen Demi Moore like this before.

The 57-year-old actress appeared in a new trailer for the upcoming Peacock drama Brave New World, an adaptation of the classic Aldous Huxley novel. Instead of her signature lengthy, dark locks, however, she was sporting an icy blonde makeover that made her look almost completely unrecognizable.

It's all for the sake of the show – and while Moore looks nothing like herself, this drastic hair transformation is a cool new change for her. It's nearly like she's two different people, and this intriguing new color gives her a bit of an edge.

Moore is taking on the role of Linda, a mother who moved from the futuristic city of New London to a reservation outside of the area with her son John (Alden Ehrenreich). New London itself is a seemingly utopian community that has achieved great things over the course of the years, but only after outlawing things like money, family, privacy, monogamy, and even the way history is recorded.

Neither Linda nor her son John are accepted by New London society as Linda became pregnant while on holiday – and since there are no natural births any longer, it's something the utopian residents look on with disdain. The pair have simply lived in the are known as the Savage Lands for many years, though Linda wants more for her son.

"There's no pain there, John. No fear," Moore tells Ehrenreich of New London in the first look at the series. "I want that for you."

Brave New World will explore more of New London and its jarring culture where individuals aren't born but engineered in a lab and immediately assigned roles as part of a strange social order at birth. Moore's Linda will play an important role as time goes by in the series, as she does in the original book.

Brave New World is set to debut with the launch of the streaming platform Peacock, though there's no specific date assigned to its premiere just yet. Hopefully we'll get another peek at it – and Demi's blonde locks – again very soon.

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