“Stop reaching thaaaannnkkkkssss.”

Earlier this week, Demi Lovato announced that she skipped the MTVA VMAs “for a reason,” leaving enough unsaid to send fans into speculation overdrive. In an Instagram story on Monday, August 26, Lovato hinted that she was doing something that made her “SO HAPPY,” also adding that she “hates award shows.”

Shortly after the singer-songwriter announced her absence, fans began speculating that Lovato’s decision to skip the VMAs might have something to do with Taylor Swift, who performed at the event. “Demi is always shading Taylor for no reason,” one fan wrote, while another accused the singer of being “petty.”

It seems as though Lovato’s absence from the VMAs had absolutely nothing to do with Swift at all. The singer later revealed that she will be guest starring in three episodes of Will & Grace next year. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lovato will portray a character named Jenny, who will enter Will’s world “in an unexpected way.”

2018 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
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Lovato clarified everything via another Instagram story, writing: “BTW, I didn’t ‘shade’ anyone last night. My REASON for not going is because I’m literally living my dream being on Will & Grace so stop reaching thaaaaankkssss.”

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Additionally, Lovato shared a photo of herself on the Will & Grace set, writing “Will & Grace & Demi” in the caption.

Fans were quick to jump to conclusions, in part, because Swift and Lovato’s relationship isn’t exactly rumored to be warm and fuzzy. Most recently, Lovato defended music executive Scooter Braun after Swift accused him of bullying her, and the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has seemingly voiced some strong opinions about Swift in the past.

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However, it seems as though this time the speculation was truly for nothing, and there was no shade to be found. All’s well that ends well; Swifties got their colorful VMAs performance, and Lovatics have three mysterious episodes of Will & Grace to look forward to next year. Everyone wins — no drama necessary.