Demi Lovato Is Signing Off of Social Media

It comes in the wake of the Scooter Braun controversy.

After taking a side in the Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift face-off, Demi Lovato is taking a step back from social media. In an Instagram Story, she announced to her fans that she was taking a break. Entertainment Tonight reports that she posted the announcement on a simple black background and added a heart emoji along with a call for everyone to spread a little bit of kindness.

"Taking a break for a while," Lovato wrote. "Be kind."

Demi Lovato IG

The hiatus comes days after Lovato voicing her support for Braun on Instagram. After Swift accused Braun of being a bully, Lovato shared her experiences with him, saying that he was a "good man." Continuing her efforts of spread kindness, she noted that there is "enough hate" out there without "dragging" anyone unnecessarily.

"I have dealt with bad people in this industry and Scooter is not one of them. He’s a good man," Lovato wrote on her Instagram Story. "Personally, I’m grateful he came into my life when he did. Please stop ‘dragging’ people or bullying them. There’s enough hate in this world as it is."

She noted the importance of loyalty and, ironically, asked not to be a part of the narrative.

Demi Lovato Lead
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"Y'all can come after me all you want but I’m always gonna stay loyal to my team," she added in a second post. "I value loyalty more than most people in this world and if my name is gonna be brought into conversations I'm gonna stand up for myself and the ones on my team."

Lovato is just the latest star to shut down her social media channels. Selena Gomez deleted the Instagram app from her phone after she mentioned that it wasn't good for her mental health. The fellow Disney alumn now uses the platform from someone else's phone, so that she's not tied to it at all times. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said that Gomez — and, presumably Lovato — have a very different experience when they're on the platform since they have millions of followers and, unfortunately, haters.

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