People who tuned into the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday were quick to point out that Demi Lovato and Demi Moore have a lot more in common than their first names. Perhaps even DNA?

On the red carpet, Lovato, 25, fully embraced the shirtless trend and showed off her lithe frame in an oversize plaid suit with nothing underneath the baggy blazer. Wearing her long brown hair down straight and parted in the middle, viewers all over the world couldn't help but notice two things about the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer: her incredibly toned midriff and how much the looks like the elder Demi. Honestly, it's uncanny.

Fans rushed to social media to share their findings, where they were greeted by plenty of others experiencing Demi deja vu, as well as rumors that Moore, 55, is actually Lovato's mother (she's not).

Could have fooled us!