Demi Lovato
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

All you have to do is scroll through Demi Lovato’s Instagram feed to know that the star strives to be a positive role model to young women everywhere. So it doesn’t surprise us that, on top of releasing a new album, Lovato can be seen as the face of The Radiant Collection with Tampax and Always, a campaign that encourages girls to have the confidence to be themselves and wear what they want (even when it’s that time of month).

Another thing we can immediately tell by scoping her ‘grams? She has a seriously gorgeous complexion—with or without makeup. Naturally, we had to talk beauty when we chatted it up with the “Cool for the Summer” singer. First, we learned that the 22-year-old relies on more than great genes to keep her face looking fresh on a daily basis. “I think one of the most important beauty tips is wearing sunscreen—not only to protect your skin but to keep it looking youthful for as long as possible,” she tells InStyle.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she has her own line of skin products, Devonne by Demi, to turn to when pesky blemishes become an issue. “I literally use it and can’t live without it,” she says of the collection that includes a deep facial cleanser, a hydrating mist, and a moisturizing primer.

And while Lovato is all for experimenting with different hairstyles, she tells us she’s perfectly content with the chic bob cut she's currently sporting. “I cut it because I got kind of scared of coloring it so often and also it’s just good to have it clean and sharp and keep my hair healthy. I don’t do much to it,” she says. “My hair is naturally wavy, so I can just scrunch it and go, which is nice for the summertime.”

But does that mean the star, who has dyed her strands everything from hot pink to purple to turquoise, is completely over the rainbow hair trend? At least for a while. “I’m really into the color I have right now,” she adds. And so are we.