Demi Lovato Is Offering Free Mental Health Services to Fans on Tour

Demi Lovato is taking her advocacy for mental health one step further.

As the “Confident” songstress travels the country for her “Tell Me You Love Me” tour, she's putting her fans's well-being front and center. During an appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday, the Disney alum and outspoken mental health advocate revealed that she will offer free counseling and wellness workshops for concert-goers—similar to what she previously debuted while touring with Nick Jonas in 2016.

“It’s basically like a therapy session before the concerts and we have speakers from all over and we’re also helping out with different charities from around the country,” she explained. “So it’ll be an incredible, very moving and inspiring experience.”

Touching on her own struggles with the stigma around bipolar disorder and addiction, the 25-year-old continued: “I make it my life goal to inspire other people. I just know how important it is to use my platform to help others and to share my story in hopes that it inspires people to either get into recovery or better themselves. Whatever it is, I just want people to know they’re not alone and I’m here for them.”

When Lovato’s tour kicks off on Feb. 26, anyone who purchases tickets will have access to motivational speaking panels, therapy sessions, and workshops on wellness at CAST Centers, a treatment center where the 25-year-old is a co-owner.

“I’ve actually met people that go to CAST because they went to CAST on tours and realized they needed to get sober or they needed to better themselves in some other way,” she said. “It’s changed lives and I want to be able to do that again.”

Bravo, Demi!

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